Monday, September 2, 2013

Numenera: Partially Out of Phase & The Scarred Monoliths

These were the first 2 illustrations I was commissioned to produce for Numenera. These were created very early in the process and while I was still trying to come to grips with the styling that Kieran Yanner had developed and how my own style would fit into that vision.

I started off with some black and white ink work, which I am lead to believe is what attracted Monte Cook to my work in the first place, but I did also get to experiment with some shaded and sketchy looking work also.

First up is a character using an ability to step 'out of phase' and pass through solid objects such as walls. My initial thinking was that this ability would best suit a stealthy Jack of sorts, so I came up with a thief looking character emerging from a stone wall. I produced a couple of thumbnail sketches to work out the angle I wanted and then a rough sketch to send in for approval...

Sketches for 'Partially Out of Phase'
The idea and sketch got the tick of approval, so I went to work on the (digital) ink...

'Partially Out of Phase'

The other piece I worked on during the same time was an illustration of 'The Scarred Monoliths'. The art description read like this...

"A single character looks up at a number (at least 3) of massive, floating statues in the sky. The statues are vaguely humanoid, but strangely stylized (maybe vaguely Aztec in style?) These gigantic “statues” were actually once enormous war machines—like huge giant robots, almost. Now they are dormant, but still float. Each is probably 600 feet long/tall, and they float at different heights, starting at 800 feet in the air."
This was quite a compositional challenge to show the massive floating monoliths and get a sense of their scale. I came up with a few sketches to try and work out how it was going to look...

Sketches for 'The Scarred Monoliths'
I settled on the third composition, and got to work. The monoliths themselves went through a couple of revisions to work out their unique 'Numenera' style, and the finished piece looked like this...

'The Scarred Monoliths'

 I'll be back with more soon :)

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