Friday, August 30, 2013

Numenera Equipment

Designing equipment for the world of Numenera is an interesting experience. As almost all of the technology in the game is left over from previous advanced civilisations, often the initial use and understanding behind the technology has been lost along with its creators. This leaves many items that have been modified to perform new functions or have abilities and functions that are not obvious from their appearance. This made for some fun drawing the items, where I could think about interesting and unusual shapes, textures or colours without necessarily having to work out exactly what each button or widget on the device does or even how it works.

Here are a couple of pieces which have been released as Thunderstone: Numenera cards from AEG, and also appear in the Numenera Core book from Monte Cook Games.

First up is the Chemical Injector, originally called a Virtuous Admixture (I think that was a much cooler name!) in the art description, here is how it was described:

"This is a high-tech injector, full of a frothy yellow liquid—like a Red Bull in injectible form. The hand holding it is kind of grimy, with bad nails. A low-tech person is using this high-tech device."
Chemical Injector
Next is the Bio-energy Cutter, or as the original description described it, the Soul Cutter! This one went through a bit of a change in the sketch phase. The Description asked for:

"This broad sword has a glowing blade. The cutting edge has a blue sheen to it, like there's a line of monofilament or something that lets you cut so sharply, you can cut SOULS as well as bodies. Whoa!"

My initial design was a bit too 'generic fantasy sword' in style and didn't have the unusual-tech influence we were going for in Numenera. As you can see the revised sketch (below) captured a more unique design...
Bio-energy Cutter Sketches

And I think the final illustration is much better for it (and I think one of my favourite equipment pieces I worked on!

Bio-energy Cutter
Heaps more to show, but you'll have to come back next time for more ;)

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