Thursday, August 22, 2013

Numenera Creatures

With Numenera being one of the products including my artwork released this year at GenCon, I have a swag of interior work to show. Instead of swamping you with all of it in one hit I thought I'd break it up into a few posts (and also give me something to show for the next couple of months!)

First up are a couple of critters I got to illustrate for the creature section of the Numenera Corebook from Monte Cook Games (awesome people to work for by the way!).

The Culova is a spidery humanoid with spindly legs, a bulbous midsection, and a pair of human-like arms with three fingers. Eight beady eyes adorn its head above a disturbingly broad, toothy mouth.
Bred for battle in a prior world, these creatures are gigantic moths with pale yellow wings and bodies the color of skulls. Most have a wingspan of at least 5 feet. When they open their wings wide, they shed a brilliance that withers flesh without harming nonliving objects. “Stratharians” were not the ones to create the war moths, but were the first to find and make use of them in the early days of the Ninth World. The Stratharians are gone now, destroyed by the very creatures they sought to unleash on their enemies.


  1. The actual sourcebook lists the Culova as having eight legs (which makes sense, spider and all). You've drawn four.

    Apart from that, the art is beautiful.

    1. Yes, we'll spotted :( I can't remember if the number of legs was provided in the art description or if I just got it wrong. If you count the arms, there's six, what's a couple of missing limbs between friends ;)

  2. As a really old guy, I can't help notice the similarities of this moth with the blaash.

    The artwork is awesome, of course. No complaints there.

  3. I'm actually a fan of the Culova in theme and I thought the art was that perfect level of creepy-meets-respectable. Probably my favorite 'creature' as a whole from the Corebook, so nifty to see it was your work - well done =)