Sunday, August 18, 2013


GenCon is a great time of year, alot of the work done over the previous 12 months is released and finally able to be shared. I have a handful of products coming onto the market this year, and Karthador is one I have been really itching to show!

This book is from Reality Blurs, with the bulk of the setting and writing by the talented Darrell Hardy. It's a retro feeling future fantasy with a sprinkle of post apoc, and was a whole lot of fun to work on. I was trusted to produce the cover and all of the interior art.

I'll share the cover first, I was really pleased with how this piece came out and found it very refreshing to work on something a little different. The idea was a still life of some of the equipment you might find in the world of Karthador...

Next up I'll share some of the interior artwork...

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