Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Stuff I'm Not Working On

This is just a quick update to keep the blog ticking over and prove to the doubters that I am still alive and have not actually fallen off the face of the Earth! At the moment I am in the middle of a deadline crunch that has taken all of my time, including the time I would normally dedicate to making a blog update or working on one of the numerous personal pieces I have simmering in the background. On one hand it is great to have enough work that it is keeping me busy, but on the other hand it also a little frustrating feeling that I never get around to finishing work that doesn't have a client and deadline attached!

Unfortunately I can't show any of the work that I currently have on my drawing board, so instead I thought I might show a few sketches at various levels of progress of the personal work that I have put aside in order to get my contract work complete. In other words the stuff I'm not working on at the moment ;)

This is a crop of a larger composition and one of my oldest personal pieces in progress (and sadly still only in the drawing phase!). Trying for a semi-realistic depiction of some wood elf trackers in action.

A test piece of a couple of rebel characters from the Star Wars extended universe. Bonus points for anyone who can identify the female character?

A very early stage thumbnail sketch of a composition I am planning for an upcoming playmat design. A feisty female sorceress obliterates some advancing barbarians.
Thanks for looking, hopefully I'll be able to show something a bit more complete and informative in my next post (which I'll try and make sooner rather than later!).