Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boss Vs Minions

Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to work on some concept art for a fun little game in development by Recharge Media called Boss Vs Minions. Unfortunately the development of the project has been put on hold, but I have been given permission to show some of the characters I developed for the game. Hopefully we'll get to see these guys in action once the gmae gets the go ahead, but for now you'll have to settle for my art...

First up, we have the title character of the game, The Boss. This guy is the head honcho of the game universe and the character that players will take control of. The basic premise is that the player will get to slaughter hundreds of Goblinoid minions in amusing and increasingly violent ways throughout the course of the game, so we needed someone who looked up to the task...

This sheet shows a colour concept, modelling turn-around, the game logo design
and some rough sword concepts for our hero to use.
As you can see the game took a bit of a light hearted style to tie in with the concept and characters sported an exaggerated look and proportions. As a counter to our super-tough Boss, we needed some cute, loveble and most inportantly, fun-to-destroy minions...

The Brawler, the most basic and least intellignet form of minion,
expect these guys to basically fall on your sword.
Colour concept, modelling turn-around and alternate designs.

The Archer, smart enough to know their best chance of survival is to fight
from as far away as possible!
Colour concept, modelling turn-around and alternate designs.

The Foot Soldier, comprised of the best and brightest of the brawlers.
These guys claim the best arnour and weapons available and therefore
extend their life expectancy by at least 15 seconds!
Colour concept, modelling turn-around and alternate designs.
 If you stick around til next post I'll give a run down of the process of developing the look and style of The Boss! Thanks for looking, enjoy!

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