Saturday, April 28, 2012

L5R, Cthulhu and Ultramarines!

Well,... it has been a while and I feel very guilty about not updating this blog more often. It's hard when you get so little time to dedicate to artwork that you usually want to spend that time producing art rather than udating various blogs and forums. Unfortunately that probably makes me a very uninteresting person to follow, so thank to those few who actually take the time to read this!

I'll try and give a brief run down of what I have been up to since my last update...

I have been working on Legend of the Five Rings cards for Alderac entertainment, so far 3 of my cards have been released or previewed...

Diagotsu Kazuko

Kaiu Kawachi


I have also completed a cover for an all Cthulhu edition of horror anthology 'Decay' by Dark Oz. This was alot of fun to work on and ties into a story within the issue. Surprisingly this was the first time I have been called on to illustrate 'The Old One', but I look forward to  working with him again in the future!

And finally, fresh of the virtual drawing table a bit of Warhammer 40K fan art with a poster to advertise a campaign being run by an old friend. This is the Glavius and his Ultramarines infiltrating a dense jungle planet called Argaeria Prime...
Assault on Argaeria Prime

Sorry that this post was a bit of an image dump, next time I promise I'll try and talk a bit more about process or my thoughts behind the work. Until then, enjoy!