Friday, December 10, 2010

Dungeon Delve continued

Following on from my previous post on the ArtOrder Dungeon Delve challenge, my entry is nearing the final stages. I have really felt like this piece has been a struggle for me and hasn't really ended up where I was hoping it would be. I think it has taught me to be more thorough in concidering my tones and colour composition from the beginning as it would save alot of time aimlessly moving around the canvas waiting for inspiration to strike!

Anyway, at worst case I think I have been able to learn a bit about my process and am looking forward to starting the next piece to act on what I have learnt.

enough words, now pictures!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dungeon Delve

The current challenge for ArtOrder is a great assignment to illustrate a hapless adventurer lost in a dungeon. The specifics can be seen here.

I thought it might be interesting to post the progress on my entry here, so if you're interested please read on. After a round of thumbnails, I chose an idea and composition that I liked and worked up a rough sketch:

As you can see from the rough I liked the idea of our adventurer being completely unaware of his impending doom!

after thinking about the idea some more and ironing out some of the perspective issues I refined the sketch to better show how the final composition will look. As was pointed out to me, it will be important to show that our adventurer seems lost and hopeless even without the knowledge of the spider lurking below. I hope to achieve this through the lighting, with the lantern bringing the focus above the collapsed bridge and the spider elements being secondry to the story.

here is the finished sketch:

Stay tuned to see how the painting stage progresses!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Work - Apostle of War

Just a little update as things have been a bit quiet from me lately. I have been working away though and have a couple of new things I can show. First up is a concept movie poster to try and pitch a screenplay. This piece was fun to work on, I was given alot of creative freedom and also involved the logo design and some concept design for the characters from the script.

Here is the finished result:

I've also done a little more character concept work, this time for a Sci-Fi/Western miniatures game in production. This is the latest character, The Black Rose:

On the same project, it has been awesome to see my previous concept work being turned into a miniature. Check this out, you can't tell me it's not full of awesome!

I'll be back with more to show soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mystik Monster Mayhem

I wanted to share some creature designs I have been working on lately. These are all monsters I created which which feature in the online game Algadon by Mystik Media.

The reason for sharing is that I found the project to be a really valuable challenge. By restricting the images to only 200x240px (the size they appear in game) it forced me to simplify the design and concentrate on the important characteristics of the creature. It was also more important to look at the overall silhouette and shapes of the design to make sure they read easily and quickly at such a small scale.

Anyway have a look at what I've come up with so far, obviously some designs are more successful than others but I do feel like I have steadily improved while working on these. I would recommend that you try something similar if you want to develop your concept/design skills!

Please feel free to let me know which you like or don't like and why or show me what you come up with!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mentors and Sketchies!

This blog post by Mike Vaillancourt recently got me thinking about mentorship in the fantasy illustration field. I think it is something that seems to have become neglected in the modern age I think to people having so many commitments to so many people via forums, blogs, networks, email groups etc. It seems a huge investment of time to dedicate your full attention to helping one individual try and reach their potential. However it alsmost seems that it is required to be able to grow and develop as an artist. Almost every successful artist/illustrator I know can attribute some giant steps in their career to some kind person further along the road taking the time to guide them on the path.

It also made me think about where I stand in the chain? I know I could definitely benefit from some guidance from those above, but at what point should you start volunteering your advice to others? I'm not sure if I am there yet, but maybe all artists have that sense of self doubt and explains the reluctance to put their hand up for the task.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, please comment. If you would like to discuss a specific mentoring relationship further, I'm open to the discussion either here or via email as

And just for fun, here are some quick sketches I did while chatting to friends in the ArtOrder Community. Some reference used...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First post on my shiny new blog!

Welocome to my blog, I plan on using this page to post news and updates relating to my illustration and concept art and hopefully as a motivational tool to encourage me to be more productive and network with the many other Artists and Art Directors out there!

While I am here I might aswell show off a couple of new pieces of art: first up is my entry for the 'Gotta Have A Hook' challenge at ArtOrder. Also a cover for an upcoming horror comic anthology from Dark Oz called 'Decay'.